The days are getting longer, the sun is starting to shine…and the vacations are approaching. Finally, we can take advantage of the free time we have to spend a little more time with our beloved animals and experience unforgettable moments together, perhaps right in Monferrato!

Today the offer of dog-friendly facilities is very large and we hardly have any problems in finding a hotel or residence that welcomes us together with our friend: for example at Villa Prato restaurant accepts pets and it is also possible to bring your dog into the Suites for a small extra fee.

But we know that a trip with your dog is not just about accommodations: to fully enjoy every moment together, it is necessary to find activities and places to visit that are suitable for all family members, including four-legged ones. That’s why we propose here three places you can visit in Monferrato with a dog in tow and one special place we just discovered now!

Bau Camp Dog Center

Is it too hot to take walks? Want to take a day to have fun with your dog? The Centro Cinofilo Bau Camp, in addition to the more classic training services, has a very large equipped area that you can book to test yourself on your own or with the support of a trainer and also a swimming pool to take a bath with your four-legged friend!

Castle of Grinzane Cavour

The Castle of Grinzane Cavour is located on top of a hill not far from Alba and from the top it dominates the whole Langa: from its wonderful garden it is possible to admire the whole surrounding panorama. But that’s not all: the Castle that belonged to Camillo Benso, one of the proponents of the Unification of Italy, can in fact be visited in its entirety. You can stroll along the Castle’s perimeter ramparts and admire In Vigna Open-Air Museum, a barrier-free pathway that tells in parallel the growing cycle of the vine and the work of the winemaker. Upon entering the castle you can visit its rich halls and trace the history of this proudly Piedmontese and rural area in the Langhe Museum. And at the end of the tour, why not end with a stop at the Regional Enoteca? All areas of the Castle can be visited with your dog; just keep him on a leash!

For info, tickets and closing times, visit the Official website of Grinzane Cavour Castle.

Broom Trail

After culture, it’s time for a nice walk-nothing like a scenic trail through the hills to experience a different sense of freedom and communion in Monferrato with your dog. For example, the Broom Trail is a loop-shaped route that joins trail 531 (“Pilgrim’s Trail,” a long route, created for the Jubilee of 2000, that connects Acqui Terme to Tiglieto) and trail 537 (“Acqui – Cavatore Trail,” a scenic route from Acqui up to the village of Cavatore): with a simple detour along the 531C variant, a beautiful loop trail with a total duration of 15km is realized. It is certainly not a short walk or suitable for completely inexperienced people, but it will certainly be a marvel for our dog to let off steam and we humans will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Important: Before setting out, it is necessary to inquire about the feasibility of the route based on training conditions, weather and travel time. Find all the information on the site of the Cai section Acqui Terme.

Berta Distilleries

We are there too! We are open daily for guided tours of the distillery plant and cellars (by appointment) or short unguided tours of the museum (free admission). We are also happy to meet your dog with no size limit, as long as it is on a leash and, where necessary, a muzzle. You’ll not only spend a couple of hours among the scents of distillation, the music of the cellars, and the flavors of grappa and spirits tasting; the short walk between the bottling plant and the cellars will make even your dog happy! Distilleries also took part in the March 26 episode of “Dalla Parte degli Animali,” dedicated to pet-friendly facilities in the Piedmont region.

For information and how to book visit our website.

To conclude: useful links

In this article we have listed 3 activities for visiting Monferrato with a dog; you can find out about other pet-friendly places by contacting directly the tourism boards in the area or city you plan to visit.

We also leave you with a couple of useful links to find per-friendly facilities and travel throughout Italy: