Gift certificates: emotions to print and give to whomever you want

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Let’s find out together how Villa Prato and Distillerie Berta gift certificates work!

Here we go: a special occasion is coming up.

Your best friend’s daughter is graduating, your parents are celebrating their wedding anniversary, you want to give an unforgettable Christmas gift to your brother. Or maybe it’s your loved one’s birthday andyou want to make this occasion a unique moment, just for the two of you.

You’re searching social and search engines for an idea that strikes your fancy, but nothing really seems to convince you, until something has caught your eye: gift vouchers for experiences and stays by Villa Prato and Distillerie Berta. Days in the SPA, romantic Suites overlooking the hills, original afternoons creating your own grappa label: you finally found the gift you were looking for. Before clicking “add to cart,” however, you have some doubts…

No problem: giving a moment of happiness is also quick and easy. Here you will find answers to the most common questions, if you have other requests you can write to us at or We are at your disposal!

Why give a voucher as a gift?

An experience is always a precious gift:it lasts a few hours, but the memory remains forever. Of course, we all have so many commitments that it’s hard to book a day in advance for another person: the open-date gift certificate allows you to give someone you lovea special moment that you can take whenever you want!

How do gift certificates work?

Each voucher has a unique and unrepeatable code that identifies just your gift.All the person who receives the voucher has to do is keep it in a safe place and remember to communicate the code when they book their experience. The big day will bring us the good and voila: his special day will begin. Vouchers are valid for one year after purchase, but if you find before the expiration date that you won’t be able to visit us in time, you can call or email us to extend the voucher by additional 6 months.

Do I need to tell you the name of the person who receives the voucher?

It is not necessary: the code on the voucher is the basis for booking.If you have received one of our gift vouchers, please keep it carefully and don’t share the code with anyone – if you want to post your gift on social we would be happy to, but remember to cover the code.

I want to supplement the voucher with other services!

Vouchers that can be purchased onlinealready offer the ability to customize your gift: you can choose, for example, whether to donate an experience for one or two people, whether to add a spa day to your massage, or the size of your Distillery gift certificate. If you wish to add treatments or customise your package, please contact: Distillerie BertaVilla Prato.

Is the price found on the voucher?

The vouchers are meant to be printed and given away as is: on the voucher you will find a description of the experience you have given away and all the information you need to use it, but not the price of the package. Only the “Berta Tour and Purchase” package is an exception, in which the size of the voucher spendable in Enoteca is indicated.

I purchased a voucher! What happens now?

Fantastic, thank you so much for your purchase!

In a few minutes you will receive an email with your order summary and vouchers in pdf format. Download them and print them on the paper of your choice, choose a pretty envelope and write your best wishes: giving an emotion has never been so easy!

Within one week of your purchase our administrative office will send you an invoice for your order.

I received a gift voucher from you: what do I do now?

Wow! Sit in comfort and think among the warm vapors of the SPA and the delicious flavors of the Workshop, or perhaps at the Distillery to discover a new, very special grappa…if the idea has already made your eyes sparkle, calendar in hand and book your experience! Remember, when you book, to give us the code you find on the gift voucher and to bring a copy of the voucher with you on the chosen day. We cannot let you enjoy your experience without. There you go: indulge in wellness and experience your gift!